An eclectic set of 5 striking shades, curated by an elite group of talented global nail technicians and artists in the industry. These uniquely bold colors, give nails a funky and fashionable edge.

Each shade has been carefully selected and named after the artist who created it, offering her style on your nails and giving you a chance to wear a piece of their art on your nails.

THE Collection by EVO makes a statement. Featuring Isabel May, Tania Biddle, Miss Betty Rose, Betina Goldstein and Michelle Humphrey!

We asked Isabel May about the color she developed with BIO SCULPTURE and she described: 
"This shade is the ultimate universal deep dark green, with a subtle shimmer that adds a glossy finish. Its beauty is evergreen, suited to all seasons."

Betina is based in Los Angeles and has a unique style of nail artistry, and ART it really is! From 3D sculpting to the finest realistic nail art imaginable. She has done manicure sets for celebrities like Salma Hayek, Lily James, Julia Garner, Sadie Sink and covers for Marie Clair UK, to mention a few.

This trendsetter, Betina Goldstein, created this sheer neutral hue with an underlying tone of rose beige, the epitome of natural.

Based in the heart of London, Michelle is a superstar regarding nails! Michelle Humphrey is an award-winning Session and Celebrity Manicurist highly regarded in the fashion and music industry. Her portfolio boasts a diverse range of high-end publications from Vogue, Love, Elle, GQ, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, W, iD, and The Face. Celebrities spotted with her manicures include Adele, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Jodie Comer, Mimi Webb, and Adwoa Aboah. Michelle has won several awards over her 17-year career, including the 2019 Glamour Power List award for best Nail Artist/Influencer.

Specializing in nail enhancements, Michelle can work with any medium and is renowned for her bespoke Nail art. She has become the A-list go-to girl for clients looking for that up-to-date, killer look.

She created a unique shade for her BIO SCULPTURE EVO gel. EVO Michelle H is a trend-driven sheer yellow shade, ideal for achieving the ultimate tortoise shell manicure, jelly nails, and tinted glass nail art effects.

All the way from down under, Miss Betty Rose is one of the most uniquely talented nail artists in the world, based in Sydney, Australia. NAIL ARTIST TO THE STARS. With 23 years of experience in the industry, Miss Betty Rose is one of Australia's most sought-after Nail Stylists. Offering highly detailed and bespoke designs to some of the world’s biggest stars and magazines.

When you look at the EVO gel Miss Betty Rose it screams FUN! An unapologetically bold neon, Miss Betty Rose is all about making a statement! This acid lime is perfect as a solid bright color or can be used as a striking nail art accent for a dynamic manicure.

Instagram handle: @missbettyrose

Tania is a leader in the industry with immaculate nail gel application! Perfection comes to mind when you talk about Tania Biddle! Behind the scenes, she is the Head of Education at BIO SCULPTURE and has trained thousands of nail technicians across the globe.

Tania has been in the industry for over 14 years and owns the award-winning ‘Plush Nails & Beauty Salon’ in Roodepoort, South Africa! She writes regular articles and 'ask the expert' features for magazines, including step-by-step tutorials. Tania regularly features as a nail competition judge.

Tania has trained and mentored award-winning nail technicians around the globe. The color selected by Tania is a chic light shade of pink with a hint of sparkle, perfect for adding glamour and elegance to your nails.