The recently published study about UV Gel curing units has created sensational news. Important to note is that the same document states that this information is not confirmed and holds no evidence for an increased cancer risk in humans, when using UV curing during gel nail treatment applications.

When the effect of UV curing is studied, mindfulness is required to keep facts relevant and accurate to in-salon recommended gel curing conditions, the absence of which may result in confusion and uncertainty about UV nail gel curing.

BIO SCULPTURE brings the test of time to the table and holds accountability with studies on the safety of our brand UV curing units originating as far back as 1996, followed by tests in 2009 and 2012. All study results were validated by “SAFE when used correctly”. To ensure correct use, BIO SCULPTURE insists on training our technicians and prescribes curing times specific to our brand products and lamps. BIO SCULPTURE’s modern technology and design of LED units produce a narrow, specific range of UV curing wavelengths as stated below, where we also highlight just a few comparisons to the controversial Zhivagui et al study, viewed against recommended gel curing conditionsand properties of the current BIO SCULPTURE UV LED curing unit:

The design of the BIO SCULPTURE lamp, with independent safety testing and UV emission in the non damaging Visible Light Spectrum, resonates with our slogan:

To further assist our valued clients in addressing uncertainties, clients should be reminded that BIO SCULPTURE manufactured products, including our curing lamps, are compliant with the strict guidelines of the global cosmetic regulatory authorities, based on broad and reliable scientific studies underpinning the safety of correctly designed and used UV nail products and curing lamps.

For clients who still feel unsure and would prefer to take extra precaution, BIO SCULPTURE offers UV protective gloves (also available in the Bio@Home Retail Shop) that are designed to protect your hands from the sun while driving. These gloves may be worn during UV curing.

Understanding UV curing

Both UV LED and Fluorescent UV lamps emit UV light and although they essentially work in the same way, they differ in the spectrum of wavelengths emitted. The curing reaction occurs due to photo initiators within the product that absorb specific wavelengths and convert them into energy needed for the product to solidify/cure.

Earlier lamps, generally referred to as “UV units”, emit a broader spectrum of UV wavelengths while BIO SCULPTURE’s latest LED design lamp produces a limited, more precise range of UV wavelengths. The latter allows for a more specific curing reaction in which the diodes target the photo initiators in our custom designed gel to cure much faster, compared to earlier UV units.