Bio Advanced Training Classes are highly recommended if you want to catch up on the latest techniques or if you wish to learn more advanced steps to improve perfect Gel Application. Classes are four hours long with predetermined dates already assigned. Once ALL three stars have been collected, you will receive a Seal of Completion to place on your Certificate.

If you would like to use your salon as a training venue, and receive training discounts, please call the Bio Sculpture USA Training Department at (714) 656-4360 for more information.

Bio Advanced consists of three different classes: Overlay, French and Gel Extensions.

Bio Overlay Advanced is a prerequisite for French and Gel Extensions.

Overlays: Prerequisites:
Bio Boot Camp certificate of merit
Taking the Advanced Overlay Class allows one to learn the latest techniques in applying Clear and Color Gels, as well as Fills and Natural Nail Repair.

French: Prerequisites:
Completion of Bio Boot Camp and Bio Advanced Overlays
The Advanced French Class includes training on Clear and Pink French Gel Overlays, with fills as well as three different French “Smile” line and French Tip Applications.

Gel Extension: Prerequisites: 
Completion of Bio Boot Camp and Bio Advanced Overlays.
Learn Plastic Tip Application, as well as explore the four types of Gel Extension; Form, Free form, Dry Silk and Clear Free Edge for Nail Art.