In the small, idyllic, Eastern Free State town of Clocolan South Africa, lays a success story second to none, from one little girl’s fascination with beautiful nails, to an international company that now exports its product lines to several countries worldwide.

After completing her CIDESCO (Committee International de Esthetique et de cosmotolagé) course in cosmetic science at the Stellenbosch Academy in 1980, Elmien Scholtz realized that a more effective manner of obtaining well-groomed, natural-looking nails was necessary. She soon came to the conclusion that there was a large gap between natural nail care and its counterpart, namely long, heavy, built-up nails or plastic false tips. Elmien had the vision to give women beautiful, strong, healthy nails which would be easy to maintain and which they could admire and be proud of.

Initially utilizing her own salon La Femme, in Port Elizabeth SA, she launched a comprehensive national and international investigation of consumer needs in the nail industry. It resulted in years of research and development, dedication, and devotion to fulfill her vision. With a wish list of characteristics for ‘The Perfect Nail System,’ she was unstoppable.

A Proud History
She called the system Bio Sculpture.

Bio - because the nails looked and felt "natural". A product so close to the natural nail, that only the wearer would know the difference.
Sculpture – because she would make, design, form, shape, and create something from nothing to what the user desires.

Bio Sculpture "Clear Gel" was registered in 1988 and became her first "first" in the nail industry. It was the first Soak Off gel worldwide and had the properties of a nail hardening treatment that could be applied as an overlay on natural nails. It was originally cured under a UV-A light and finishes with a non-yellowing, clear finish. Bio Sculpture Gel was the first of its kind. It was the first gel that could be applied onto a natural nail without excessive buffing or having to apply primers or bonders that would damage the nail plate and inhibit natural nail growth; this was a totally new concept. The fact that it also protected natural nails from breaking while allowing them to grow out long, strong and beautiful, was a bonus! Bio Sculpture "Sculpting Gel" was developed as her second "first", shortly after the clear overlay gel in order to create a natural looking gel nail extension that was thin and flexible but extremely durable. Extending a nail with "gel" was unheard of. Elmien continued on her path of creating the perfect nail system, and soon created a third "first'' - Soak Off Color Gel. This revolutionary idea allowed women who lead busy lives  to have their nails or toenails manicured once every 2 weeks. Women who were busy taking care of families, business, and social responsibilities now had a color gel that does not chip or wear away at the free edge.

The "first Color Gel" was launched by Bio Sculpture in 1990, and was called Pillar Box Red (it is still one of the most popular colors worldwide). Bio Sculpture Gel's unique and superior gel line is formulated in such a way that the product can be released from the nail with no harm to the natural nail. Today, Bio Sculpture’s color range consists of more than 20 fashionable color gels. Some are timeless while others are trendier, which tend to be influenced by the catwalks of Milan, New York, and Paris.

At the beginning of 2010, Elmien released her fourth "first" -  Treatment Gels. Similar to hair products that specialize in customizing their client’s needs, Bio Sculpture's Treatment Gels now allow manicurists to create different nail options: flexible, medium, or solid (less-flexible) nails, depending on the condition of their client’s nails.

EVO Oxygenating Gel, Gemini Nourishing Nail Polish, and ETHOS Natural Nail Care are the latest product lines added to a long list of accomplishments in recent years.


Bio Sculpture SA (Pty) Ltd designs, develops, manufactures,
and markets nail care beauty products. We strive to adhere to and maintain a Quality
Management System in line with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716 in all aspects and
stages of our business operations.  Bio Sculpture ensures that products,
cosmetics, and staff comply with ISO 9001:2015 and GMP ISO 22716. Non-applicability
– customer property is not applicable as Bio Sculpture does
not hold any customer property – clause 8.5.3


- Enhance the expertise of our people by periodic training
- Continuous review and upgrading of systems
- Adopt Total Quality Management principles and continuously improve our processes, products, and services
- Provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their quality requirements
- Review and Revise our objectives and achievements Communicate our Quality Management system policy to all employees and interested parties
- Deliver products to customers in the correct quantity on time, every time
- Promote a safe and healthy environment
- Commitment to meet all the required regulations


Formaldehyde,Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate(DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide,Xylene, Triphenol Phosphate,Sulfate or Sulphate, and Parabens.