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Welcome to the Education Portal for Bio Sculpture USA Certified Pros

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Learn at your own pace.

Find answers, boost & refresh your skills with Bio Sculpture online video tutorials

As a Bio Sculpture USA certified manicurist you can now boost or refresh your Bio Sculpture application skill and techniques by watching easy to follow online video tutorials.

All Bio Sculpture USA Certified manicurists receive automatic membership into the online training portal. Memberships for newly trained manicurists are activated within two weeks after attending the initial Bio Booth-camp training class.

Your membership includes:

Unlimited access Video refresher classes
Learn what you want, when you
want, from our entire video library.
Find info to help you succeed, in our
growing library. New information
& techniques will be added regularly.

Experienced educators Variety of Instruction
Watch and learn from educators
who are passionate about Bio
Sculpture & teaching.

Refresher classes cover technical skills,
creative techniques, and more.

On-the-go learning Watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Switch back and forth as you choose.

What knowledge can you gain from Bio Sculpture’s online video tutorials?

Basic Gel Manicure: Nail Preparation, Four Layer Gel Application, Gel Fills, French Application, Nail Repairs, Form and Free-Form Extensions, New product intros with How-To Tutorials, Problem Solving/Troubleshooting and more.

  • Refresh your techniques or learn new skills.
  • Access troubleshooting & helpful information.
  • Learn from industry experts carefully selected for their teaching skills.
  • Watch anywhere at your own pace and in virtual time.

Get Started

As a Bio Sculpture USA certified manicurist, be sure to log in as professional and then agree to the training portal's terms & conditions. By doing so you will automatically gain access to all available training videos in the education portal.

If you are a Bio Sculpture USA customer who purchased a Starter kit but who have not attended a Bio Boot camp training class yet, you will unfortunately not be able to access the education portal until doing so. These training videos are backup training to already Bio certified manicurist only.
Please contact Bio Sculpture Customer Service at 1-800-770-4493 to sign up for the next available Bio Boot camp training class in your area.

If you are a prospective customer; please note, that the purchase of any one of the 4 Bio Sculpture Professional starter kits are required to open a Bio Sculpture USA account (An 8 hour hands-on Bio Boot Camp training class are included with the purchase of any one of the professional kits mentioned above). Please select your region to view training classes that has already been scheduled in your area or contact Bio Sculpture Customer Service at 1-800-770-4493 for more information.

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