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Bio Sculpture for Professionals

Inventor Of: Soak Off Gel – No Chip Color Gel – Gel Nail Extensions – Customizing Clients’ Nails With One System

with Over 20 Years of Experience in Perfecting Soak Off Gel

Please note we sell to USA state board licensed manicurist and cosmetologist only.

Soak Off Gel
Bio Sculpture is leaders for the Healthier Alternative in Nail Care, but we took it one step further.

Bio Sculpture was the first soak off gel on the world market, not only were we the inventors but we are the only company that moisturizes and nourishes the natural nail during the soak off procedure.

By applying Cuticle Cream on and around the cuticle and fingers it prevents the cuticles and skin from drying out. After 10-20 minutes the gel loosens from the nail and can be removed without force. Bio Sculpture Cuticle and Nail Conditioner are then applied to nourish and rehydrate ones natural nail bed. In turn Bio Sculpture Gel removal process enhances the client’s nails rather than damaging and drying them out. Upon applying a new set of gel, Bio Sculpture Vitamin Dose is applied to replenish vitamins to the nail bed.

No Chip Color Gel
Bio Sculpture Color Gel not only gives permanent nail color that can be removed, but also adds strength and durability to the natural nail without the use of primers or bonders. Choose from over 180 color gels.

Gel Nail Extensions Create gel nail sculptures to add flexible or less flexible nail length to clients’ natural nails. Gel nail extensions are created by using extension paper forms or with our unique “free-form method” (ideal for nail biters and clients with very short nails). The strength of Bio Sculpture Gel allows for natural looking extensions that are thin yet durable.

Customizable system
Bio Sculpture is the only nail system that offers a complete range of soak off gel products that enable technicians to customize their client’s nails to flexible, medium, and solid (less flexible) finishes with ONE system. We realize that different nails have different needs, just like hair. We are not just enhancing the client’s nails but enhancing her lifestyle. Our gels fall into three categories – Flexible-, Medium-, and Solid (Less Flexible) – so nail technician and client can choose the perfect gel for her nail plate type and lifestyle choices. Bio Sculpture eliminate the need for different systems like acrylic, tips, fiberglass, soft & hard gels, or traditional builder & soak off gels.

Professional Starter Kits

Choose one of four Professional Starter kits to open your account: The purchase of a Bio Sculpture Professional Starter Kit is the minimum requirement for state board licensed manicurists or cosmetologists to open your account. The Professional Starter Kits may vary from time to time and the prices can vary accordingly.

Bio Sculpture Professional Starter Kits include everything needed, to start offering a complete line of Bio Sculpture Gel services. The Basic Professional Starter Kit will allow one to do 46 complete sets of nails. Training for one person is included with the purchase of a Professional Starter Kit (more technicians may be trained for an additional fee). You learn invaluable skills to get the best results with our products, and this knowledge will give you the confidence to further enhance your business.


Our Hands-On Training classes are your gateway to help you gain the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to master the Bio Sculpture Gel system and incorporate it into your salon… and reaping the benefits.

The Bio Boot Camp class is included with the purchase of Professional Starter Kit and is an in-depth, 8 hour, hands-on training class, covering all aspects of gel application, repairs, sculpted gel extensions, French, soak off, trouble shooting and more. Bio Advanced classes are offered to Bio Sculpture manicurists already certified who are looking to expand their product and technique knowledge.