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Bio Sculpture for Personal Use

What is Bio Sculpture Gel?

An easy, revolutionary way to keep color on your natural nails that will not chip for up to 4-weeks! Bio Sculpture Gel’s No Chip manicures & pedicures are perfect for women who lead active lifestyles but don’t want to spend a lot of time in the salon. Women prefer Bio Sculpture Gel’s No Chip manicures and pedicures more than any other because we are the only nail gel with a 5-Star safety rating.

Bio Sculpture Gel is a nail hardening treatment that enhances the growth of natural nails allowing them to grow out healthy and strong. Extending broken or short nails never looked so thin, natural, yet extremely durable. It is odor free and will not chip, lift, split, crack, smudge or fade! Bio Sculpture Gel is soakable and easy to remove with no damage to natural nails. Available in over 180 No Chip Color Gels, Bio Sculpture also offers over 100 matching nail polishes that can be applied over gel for a quick color change or to hide the growth of your gelled nails until one gets back to the salon for a gel fill. Treatment products are available to nourish your nails, hands and feet.

Treatment products such as cuticle softeners, vitamin dose, nail nutrients, hand and cuticle creams as well as a spa manicure and pedicure products are available to nourish your skin and nails. The gently scented hand and foot care line includes everything needed to do a Spa quality manicure or pedicure in the comfort of your own home.