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In this section you will find the latest information on new products, features, and happenings in the world of Bio Sculpture Gel.


3/6/2014 | The Carnival Collection

10/11/2013 | Bio Sculpture Gel Jar Comparisons

 Bio Sculpture Gel Jar Comparisons

Looks can be deceiving.

When Bio Sculpture introduced their new, eco-friendly gel jars, there was some doubt as to whether or not these newer jars held the same amount of product as the original jars.

Don't let the packaging fool you. Aside from being more elegant, clean, and contemporary, the design of the new jars uses lightweight technology to minimize material waste, making them appear smaller.

See the proof by watching the video. The volume of all the jars are exactly the same with the exception of the 4g jars. In fact, the new "4g" gel jar actually holds an extra .5g more than the original jar, making it a 4.5g jar (at no extra cost).

10/8/2013 | Smoke & Mirrors Nail Collection

8/6/2013 | Safety Rating + Testimonial Video

6/13/2013 | New Bio Sculpture Videos

9/26/2010 | Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

4/13/2010 | Bio Sculpture launches a New Spa Line

4/13/2009 | Bio Sculpture announces a New Logo

4/13/2009 | Bio Sculpture reveals its New Packaging