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Foot Care

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Potpourri Aqua Soak

Bio Sculpture® Potpourri Aqua Soak creates a perfect start to every pedicure with a special blend of Rose Petals and Potpourri for a refreshing aqua soak.
    Sprinkle the blue citrus fragranced Potpourri Aqua Soak into a warm foot spa or bath tub and lather for a euphoric experience.
    The exclusive blend of Rose Petals and Potpourri make for a relaxing foot treatment while preparing your skin
    to better receive the benefit of exfoliation with an aromatherapy treatment.

Hygiene Prep (Medium)

Bio Sculpture® Hygiene Prep a turquoise liquid that is used to prep the natural nail.
    Spray before or anytime during nail preparation and gel removal.
    Hygiene Prep will re-hydrate cuticle softeners and soak-off solutions already applied to the nail in order to aid in the removal of dry skin and or gel on the nail.

Potpourri Salt Scrub

Bio Sculpture® Potpourri Salt Scrub contains Rose Petals and is beautifully fragranced with Geranium. This luxurious exfoliating scrub is fantastic from the neck down to your polished toes
    Apply the Geranium rich salt scrub to feet, ankles and do not forget the knees. Massage into wet skin using circular
    movements,then rinse with warm water.
    Potpourri Salt Scrub works great on ones feet to remove dry cracked skin, leaving them feeling clean and refreshed.

Apricot Kernel Scrub

Bio Sculpture® Apricot Kernel Scrub is a light and fluffy scrub that contains intense Botanical oils, Apricot Kernels, Pumice and Urea, all combined to make for a great pedicure exfoliation experience.
    After using Bio Sculpture® Aqua Soak, apply Apricot Kernel Scrub to feet and massage generously into wet skin in circular
    motions for five minutes. Remove kernels with a paper towel and rinse with warm water.
    The abrasive apricot kernels not only exfoliate and remove old, dead skin cells from the surface of the feet, it also
    moisturizes the skin.

Heel Balm

Bio Sculpture® Heel Balm is a cooling and hydrating foot balm that contains natural plant extracts and peppermint essential oil.
    Wash and dry feet carefully. Apply heel balm liberally, twice a day, and massage into heels and foot soles.
    Using heel balm will soothel dry skin, while moisturizing cracked soles.

Mint Mask

Enjoy the cool sensation of a Bio Sculpture® nourishing Mint Mask that contain Botanical Oils like; Ricini Oil, Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil.
    Apply this fresh moisture mask onto feet with a mask brush and leave for 10 – 15 minutes. The longer the mask stays
    on, the more intense the cooling effect will be. Use paper towel to remove the mask, and then rinse with warm water.
    The mint mask gives a cooling and soothing effect to the skin. Your skin will feel relaxed, moist and

Polish Remover

Bio Sculpture® (Polish Remover is a pink solution that is Acetone free and it will not cause damage nor harm color nor clear gel.
    Cleanser is a non-acetone polish remover used to remove Nail Color Polish, Top Coat, Executive Base, and
    Lavender Base from the natural nail, or from gel overlays without affecting the gel nails (do not use before or during
    gel application).
    Cleanser is a non-acetone polish remover that will cause no damage or harm to ones gel application when nail
    polish is removed.

Toe Separators

Bio Sculpture® Toe Separators is soft, flexible and made of foam. The toe separator will fit snugly between and separate each toe in order to speed up gel or polish application during a pedicure service.
    Fit toe separator between toes in order to reach all areas of the toe nails while trimming and filing toe nails. Leave toe
    separators in place until after the gel application or polish application are completed for best results.
    Toe separators are especially useful to prevent smudging during the painting and drying process of nail polish or gel.
     If not for toe separators toes, with wet gel or polish will touch during the application process.