Designed from the base up to improve Nail Health

Bio Sculpture is proud to introduce EVO Oxygenating Gel, the latest innovation in nail health and brush-on gel performance. EVO2 Gel is a Revolutionary Gel that has Evolved from our industry leading Bio Sculpture Nail Care Technology.

From Experience

Over 25 years of experience have gone into creating and evolving a nail gel that is beautiful, long-lasting and healthy. The original gel brand, Bio Sculpture Gel, has launched a new revolutionary system, EVO Oxygenating Gel which is set to change the worldwide gel market.


Backed by Bio Sculpture Gel

“Much in the same way that Bio Sculpture started in 1988,as founder of the world’s first Soak Off & UV- curable color nail gel, the industry is again in need of something "in-between" the products that are available. Around 16 years ago, Bio experimented with gel in a bottle. Our slogan would be "If you can paint, you can apply Bio from a bottle". But this idea was ahead of its time. The industry was not ready and though the idea was good, the product was not perfected yet. The difference between EVO2 and other gel polish products is the Base. The viscosity of the Evo Oxygenating Base is low enough to be in a "bottle", yet it is a highly specialized pure gel”. Elmien Scholtz – Founder of Bio Sculpture Gel .



How it works

EVO Oxygenating Gel was designed from the base up, to provide the best combination of performance and safety. EVO2 is ideal for those who care about their nail health and are tired of the damage experienced by some brush-on gel brands. While the curing steps remain the same, it’s the formula that is the game-changer.

EVO2 boasts the world’s first MEDICAL GRADE formulation and OXYGENATING brush-on gel technology. The unique medical grade formulation of EVO2 Base utilizes only the highest quality ingredients to ensure EVO2 is safe for your nails, and your wellbeing.
With this product formulation receiving an ISO Medical Grade Certificate (ISO # 10993-5), the salon professional gets the assurance that they are working with a product of the highest quality.

EVO2 is infused with VITAMIN A & E that will migrate to the nail plate, even after curing, and does not contain any organic solvents or dehydrating primers or bonders.

The EVO2 overlay is gas permeable, allowing OXYGEN and WATER VAPOR to move freely to and from the nail plate. Its long chain length polyurethane backbone was selected specifically to provide the flexibility and toughness necessary for product performance. This breakthrough technology helps prevent dehydration and softening of keratin, and aids in protecting the natural nail from damage.


When nails are covered by artificial products, they can be vulnerable to dehydration, bacterial and fungal infection. Keratin, which makes up the majority of the nail structure, allows the transmission of oxygen and water vapor to nourish the skin and kill anaerobic bacteria.

EVO Oxygenating Gel is optimized to mimic this natural process by facilitating the exchange of oxygen and water vapor. Even though H2O is a larger molecule than O2, it is much smaller than the larger gaps in the cured Gel’s microscopic structure, allowing water vapor molecules to migrate out through the natural nail surface and EVO2 Gel.


We refer to “breathing” in animation as the permeation of 02 and H20. Much like “breathable” fabric may be used for certain sports clothing and socks, or contact lenses that may be referred to as “breathing” lenses; EVO2 refers to the natural flow of oxygen and water vapor to and from the nailbed as “breathing”.


Large gaps in the microscopic structure of the cured EVO2 Base allow water vapor and air permeation to occur. H2O and O2 molecules migrate in and out, to and from the nail bed


The natural nail is made up of dead protein skin cells called Keratin, which allow for the transmission of O2 and H2O molecules


The skin underneath the nail is balanced by Oxygen (O2) and moisture vapor (H2O)


EVO2 has a Color for every Lifestyle

The EVO2 nail gel system launches with 40 unique vibrant colors, with more on the way!

What is your Lifestyle?

Color Range Lookbook

WHY Evo2 Gel

To Wear it is to Love it

Bio Sculpture Gel remains the respected salon brand in the industry catering to all nail types and conditions over the years. But there is a segment of salon clients who prefer faster treatments. While Bio Sculpture has been aware of this fact, quality remained a larger concern than speed.

With the NEW EVO Oxygenating Gel, we considered every element that defines a easy on, easy off brush–on gel system, which would provide quick quality, durability, and damage free removal.

The result is more than just a gel-polish. The result is EVO Oxygenating Polish-Gel, a next generation brush-on gel system, that has been designed from the base up with nail HEALTH and SAFETY in mind – in other words ‘say goodbye to damaged nails’.

Better Together

Not only was EVO Oxygenating Gel developed from the base up, it’s also designed to work seamlessly with all Bio Sculpture Gel products. Productivity has never been easier.

EVO2 is completely compatible with all Bio Sculpture Gel products. This will allow manicurists to offer thin, long, durable “stiletto like” gel nail sculptures, build nail arches & create nail corrections and beautiful 3D nail art. And because they are completely compatible, manicurists can move seamlessly between products without missing a beat.

  • Should I use EVO2 or Bio Sculpture Gel?

    Gel Treatment using only Bio Sculpture Gel
    • Bio Sculpture Gel on any length nail
    • Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Sculptures
      Silk cured in wet Bio Sculpture Gel - as reinforcement
    • Bio Sculpture Gel silk repair & overlay
    • Bio Sculpture Gel overlay
      Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Sculpture
    • Upper Arch Correction using Bio Sculpture Flexi Gel
    • Upper Arch Correction using Bio Sculpture Clear Gel
    • Full Set Bio Sculpture Gel nail sculpture and a gel overlay
    • Weekly water manicures until issue is reduced
    • Endless Nail Art Options available, incl. 3D Nail Art
    Gel Treatment using only EVO2 gel
    • EVO2 Gel Overlay - Short to medium length nails only
    • EVO2 Gel Base Nail Repair
    • EVO2 Gel Overlay on short to medium length nails
    • Glue-less Tips (EVO2 Advanced Training available)
    • Weekly water manicures until issue is reduced
    • Flat Nail Art or freehand painted options available
    Gel Treatment using a combination of Bio Sculpture Gel & EVO2
    • Overlay with either Bio Sculpture Gel or EVO2 Gel
    • Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Sculptures with any EVO2 or Bio Sculpture Color Overlay
    • Natural Nail Repair with either Bio Sculpture Clear Gel or EVO2 Base Gel
    • Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Sculptures - with EVO2 or Bio Sculpture Gel Color Overlays
    • Bio Sculpture Gel Upper Arch Correction (Flexi Gel) - with EVO2 or Bio Sculpture Gel Color Overlays
    • Bio Sculpture Gel Upper Arch Correction, - with EVO2 or Bio Sculpture Gel Color Overlays
    • Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Sculpture - with EVO2 or Bio Sculpture Gel Color Overlays
    • Weekly water manicures until issue is reduced
    • Bio Sculpture Gel will support 3D Art. Use Bio Sculpture Gel and EVO2 Gel Colors to give more color options


Starting March 16th, EVO2 Gel pre-orders will go live at www.biosculpturegel.com. Those who buy early will get a free table EVO2 Wobble, & EVO2 Box Cube & a Printed EVO2 Color Chart ($20.00 value).

The official EVO2 release date will be April 4th for the United States.

Please note: All pre-order items will ship out on April 4th

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  • Is EVO2 suitable for any nail length?

    EVO2 Gel is ideal for short to medium long nails and toe nails due to its thin and natural looking finish.

  • Does EVO Oxygenating Gel provide the following: SELF-LEVELING, FLEXIBLE SUPPORT, HIGH GLOSS AND EASE OF REMOVAL?

    SELF-LEVELING – YES, EVO2 Gel cures to a smooth finish that requires no surface refining.
    FLEXIBLE SUPPORT – YES, EVO2 Gel yields a strong, flexible end-result that prevents nail plate injury or damage.
    LONG LASTING HIGH GLOSS - EVO2 Gloss lasts two weeks and more.
    EASY TO REMOVE - Removes within 10 to 12 minutes without causing damage to the natural nail.

  • Will the purchase of an EVO2 Starter Kit and EVO2 certification training be required before I can purchase EVO2 products?

    EVO2 application is very easy – much like the application of nail polish, so licensed manicurists will need no additional training. A demonstration with extra notes will be sufficient. A step-by-step booklet, as well as video material will be available for additional assistance.

  • Can EVO2 account holders simply purchase Bio Sculpture Gel products?

    NO. Licensed manicurists, who have previously purchased EVO2 products and holds an EVO2 account, cannot purchase any Bio Sculpture Gel products, UNLESS they purchase a Bio Sculpture Gel Starter Kit and attend the required 8 hour training class.

  • Can Bio Sculpture Gel account holders buy EVO2 products?

    YES. Licensed manicurists who hold a valid Bio Sculpture Gel account and attended Bio Sculpture Gel Certification training can purchase both Bio Sculpture Gel and EVO2 products.

  • Will I still need Bio Sculpture Gel if I use EVO2?

    YES. EVO2 Gel does NOT replace Bio Sculpture Gel. The nail industry has moved to a new trend of fast easy on, easy off services, but not at the cost of good quality. Fast services do not have all the options that the complete Bio Sculpture Gel System offers. EVO2 Gel as the easy on, easy off faster system should be offered to appropriate nail candidates but when confronted with problem nails like ultra-thin, sore or soft nails, Bio Sculpture Gel is the go to product. Clients who would like their nails lengthened will need to have a gel nail sculpture built using Bio Sculpture Gel. Detailed Nail-Art is done more easily with the slightly higher viscosity of Bio Sculpture Gel. Salons and clients alike, who still consider their two-three week nail appointments as a "treatment", should be pampered with a more thorough Bio Sculpture Gel treatment.

  • Which Bio products may be used during an EVO2 treatment?

    Absolutely all Bio Sculpture Gel products and treatments may be used before, during and after EVO2 Gel applications.

  • Will EVO2 Gel Colors be launched in Seasonal Collections like Bio Sculpture?

    NO. EVO2 will randomly launch single, matching-double or 4-pack colors. This method may be adjusted in the future. EVO2 Gel will NOT have matching nail polishes.

  • Are there any helpful hints for EVO2 Gel applications?

    YES. EVO2 Colors and Top Coats should never be applied to the natural nail.
    Always apply colors and EVO2 Top Coats at least 1-2 mm on the inside of the flexible Base Coat application line. - To achieve a thin and smooth regrowth of the cuticle, apply the layers in steps. Apply the EVO2 Base very close to the cuticle, followed by the first color 1mm on the inside of the Base Coat applicaton line and the second color layer 1mm on the inside of the 1st color outline. - Finish by applying the Top Coat 1mm on the inside of the last color outline.

  • Is all EVO2 Gel Five Free?

    EVO2 Gel contains no organic solvents, dehydrating primers or binders. With EVO2 there’s no excessive buffing, minimal dust and all products are free of any harmful chemicals including DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

  • Is EVO2 Vegan and Gluten Free?

    YES. EVO2 Gel is both Vegan and Gluten Free.

  • Is EVO2 tested on animals?

    NO. EVO2 Gel is NOT tested on animals. We take a lot of pride in making sure and knowing that Evo Oxygenating Gel is 100% cruelty free.

  • Does EVO2 Gel cure under a Bio Sculpture LED lamp?

    YES. EVO2 Gel cures fully under a Bio Sculpture LED Lamp.

  • Does EVO2 Gel cure under a UV lamp?

    NO. EVO2 Gel does NOT cure under a UV Lamp. It only cures under a LED Lamp.

  • Is Bio Sculpture Gel & EVO2 brush-on gel available to end users?

    NO. Bio Sculpture Gel and EVO brush-on gel is for Professional use ONLY.