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About Bio Sculpture®

Bio Sculpture USA
Why Bio Sculpture Gel
To better serve our customers, Bio Sculpture USA offers its catalog to USA state board licensed manicurists and professionals and post its brochures and catalogs online for download.

All catalog pages are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, optimized for printing on standard laser printers. Use Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe) to view and print files.

Bio Sculpture Logos
In this zipped folder, you will find different color variations of the Bio Sculpture Logo for use on your website, menu or flyers. By downloading this file you are agreeing to the following terms: All Bio Sculpture Logos must be used to advertise your Bio Sculpture services and may not be used to label any product or impersonate Bio Sculpture USA LLC. at any time.
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COVID-19 Door Sign 1 - Salon Distancing Rules.jpg

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COVID-19 Door Sign 2 - Questions to Ask clients before they enter the salon

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COVID-19 Pandemic Nail Treatment Consent and Liability Release Waiver Form

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