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Foot Care

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Potpourri Aqua Soak

Bio Sculpture® Potpourri Aqua Soak creates a perfect start to every pedicure with a special blend of Rose Petals and Potpourri for a refreshing aqua soak.
    Sprinkle the blue citrus fragranced Potpourri Aqua Soak into a warm foot spa or bath tub and lather for a euphoric experience.
    The exclusive blend of Rose Petals and Potpourri make for a relaxing foot treatment while preparing your skin
    to better receive the benefit of exfoliation with an aromatherapy treatment.

Hygiene Prep (Medium)

Bio Sculpture® Hygiene Prep a turquoise liquid that is used to prep the natural nail.
    Spray before or anytime during nail preparation and gel removal.
    Hygiene Prep will re-hydrate cuticle softeners and soak-off solutions already applied to the nail in order to aid in the removal of dry skin and or gel on the nail.

Heel Balm

Bio Sculpture® Heel Balm is a cooling and hydrating foot balm that contains natural plant extracts and peppermint essential oil.
    Wash and dry feet carefully. Apply heel balm liberally, twice a day, and massage into heels and foot soles.
    Using heel balm will soothel dry skin, while moisturizing cracked soles.

Pedi-Paddle Replacement Pads 2.5 inch (5) - 160 Grit

Bio Sculpture® Pedi Paddle Disposable Replacement Pads (160 Grit) comes in packs of five to use with the Pedi-Paddle Handle. This quality product quickly reduces and smooth’s calluses, and features a large work surface.
    Buff and remove dry skin during a pedicure before applying Heel Balm, Mint Mask, and Hand and Body Butter.
    These professional grade file Pads will truly whip your feet into shape, leaving your feet silky smooth.

Mint Mask

Enjoy the cool sensation of a Bio Sculpture® nourishing Mint Mask that contain Botanical Oils like; Ricini Oil, Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil.
    Apply this fresh moisture mask onto feet with a mask brush and leave for 10 – 15 minutes. The longer the mask stays
    on, the more intense the cooling effect will be. Use paper towel to remove the mask, and then rinse with warm water.
    The mint mask gives a cooling and soothing effect to the skin. Your skin will feel relaxed, moist and

Hand & Body Butter

Bio Sculpture® Hand & Body Butter is a rich massage cream for use during pedicure services.
    Warm up enough of this full bodied, geranium fragranced spa butter between the palm of your hand and apply onto hands,
    arms, and neck then massage into dry or cracked skin to rehydrate skin cells.
    Irritated and chapped skin and will be moisturize and leave the skin
    feeling smooth and silky. Ideal for very dry skin but suitable for all skin types

Cuticle Softener/Remover

Bio Sculpture® Cuticle Remover/Softener is odor free with a silky smooth texture.
    Apply to the cuticle area. Wait one minute then gently remove softened pterygium (skin) using the Multi Use Mtela Tool.
    A clean crisp cuticle line for a well-manicured look will be visible after dry pterygium has been removed.

Vitamin Dose (Nutrient)

Bio Sculpture® Vitamin Dose is a unique form of vitamins that are essential to the keratin structure and cell metabolism of natural nails.
    The “brush-on” applicator allows for easy application around the nail and cuticle area. Allow it to be absorbed and dry before
    continuing with a Spa manicure or Gel treatment.
    Once applied to natural nails it will be absorbed into the nail bed cells allowing the goodness from the vitamins
    to nourish, rejuvenate, moisturize and strengthen natural nails. A must have product for maintaining healthy nails.

Polish Remover

Bio Sculpture® (Polish Remover is a pink solution that is Acetone free and it will not cause damage nor harm color nor clear gel.
    Cleanser is a non-acetone polish remover used to remove Nail Color Polish, Top Coat, Executive Base, and
    Lavender Base from the natural nail, or from gel overlays without affecting the gel nails (do not use before or during
    gel application).
    Cleanser is a non-acetone polish remover that will cause no damage or harm to ones gel application when nail
    polish is removed.

Toe Separators

Bio Sculpture® Toe Separators is soft, flexible and made of foam. The toe separator will fit snugly between and separate each toe in order to speed up gel or polish application during a pedicure service.
    Fit toe separator between toes in order to reach all areas of the toe nails while trimming and filing toe nails. Leave toe
    separators in place until after the gel application or polish application are completed for best results.
    Toe separators are especially useful to prevent smudging during the painting and drying process of nail polish or gel.
     If not for toe separators toes, with wet gel or polish will touch during the application process.

Top Coat

Bio Sculpture® Top Coat is a quick drying top coat and is free of toluene, DBP, camphor and formaldehyde. It will leave nails with a high gloss shine. Can be applied over nail polish or clear and color gels (optional).
    Apply one layer over nail polish for a high gloss shine. It can also be applied over clear and Color Gels for
    added shine (optional). Reapply your Top Coat every 3-4 days for maximum success.
    Apply Top Coat to restore high gloss shine to colored nail polish.

Cuticle Oil

Bio Sculpture® Cuticle Oil treatment is formulated with pure Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and enhanced with Vitamin E.
    Use during a pedicure to massage into cuticle and nail plate. Safe to use after a gel application (Do not use before gel
    application). If used at home, repeat application three times a week to keep cuticle and nails hydrated.
    Softens and nourishes dry hard cuticles on finger nails and toe nails. It balances the oil/moisture level of the nail
    plate if used on a regular basis, prevents hang nails.

Quick Dry Spray

Bio Sculpture® Quick Dry Spray is an oily solution that will allow nail polish and high gloss top coat to be dry to the touch within minutes.
    Hold approximately 4” away from wet polished nails and spray to speed up the drying process. (Allow nail polish or high
    gloss top coat to “settle” for 1 minute before spray).
    One spray and nail polish will be dry to the touch within one minute and dent-free in two minutes. Quick Dry Spray
    is incredibly moisturizing, and leaves a fine sheen of oil that sinks in and revives the skin and cuticles to become soft and